Massive Genomics offers Pan Cancer Liquid Biopsy and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for comprehensive and precise medical management via Genomic Analysis.

Pan Cancer Liquid Biopsy

Genomic Analysis for all cancers.

The Pan Cancer Liquid Biopsy by Massive Genomics is a test that uses a sample of blood to look for several genetic characteristics of existing cancer tumors. By nature of using a blood sample it is conveniently fast and affordable. As is looks for circulating tumor DNA and then uses computers for analysis, it guarantees precise results paired with actionable targets for cancer therapy.


Non Invasive Prenatal Screening

Screen for Genetic Conditions early

This is a blood test that checks if the woman’s foetus has genetic abnormalities. It  uses the mother’s blood. This is non invasive and very safe for the pregnancy. It checks for genetic abnormalities like Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome, Patau’s Syndrome and Sex/Gender. The test is done in the Massive Genomics Lab in 3 to 7 days.


At Massive Genomics the clinical impact of our genomic analysis solutions help elevate the standard of care and quality of life.

Safe Non Invasive Tests

As we use blood samples for Liquid Biopsy and Prenatal Testing we make it possible to have comprehensive tests that are comfortable and quick. Thus patients have no recovery period or risks for this procedure.

Quick turnaround for results

Through our automated and computerised processes we are able to give results in 7 days from the time of sample collection.

Comprehensive and Precise

Our Pan Cancer Liquid Biopsy genomic analysis looks for 52 cancer related genes which could undergo over 900 different mutations in one go. This is gives the medical professionals a comprehensive view of a patient’s cancer in terms of heterogeneity in tumors or metastasis. For the NIPT the major syndromes are checked simultaneously. All these could saves time, money and lives.

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